Keeping safe in your house during a fire

HYS001 Smoke AlarmProduct Code: HYS001

React quickly as soon as you hear your iHudyat smoke alarm going off

If you hear your smoke alarm going off and see fire react immediately by trying to get out of your house safely. Alert other family members, shouting loudly to wake them if it is night time. Do not stop to gather valuables or other possessions.

Exit safely through doors

If a door is closed, check for smoke and fire under the door before opening it. To check for fire place your hand on the door to see if it is hot. You may see smoke coming from under the door. If there is smoke or fire behind a door do not open it and look for an alternative exit.

If a door is open and there is fire stopping you from leaving the room, close the door to protect yourself from the fire and smoke.

Avoid smoke inhalation by crawling low to the ground

Smoke is toxic and can quickly render a person disorientated or unconscious. If you must pass through a smoke-filled area crawl low to the ground where the smoke is thinner. Cover your mouth and nose with your hand or, if you have time, a wet cloth. [Use an iHudyat fire mask to prevent smoke inhalation.

Clothes on fire, roll over and over to smother the fire

If your clothes catch fire drop to the ground immediately and roll around to smother the flames. Protect your face and mouth with your hands.

Trapped? Block the fire then call for help

Close doors to keep the fire from reaching you. Seal doors and vents to keep smoke out (using towels or anything you can find). Call for help using the phone or from an upper floor window. Hang a white sheet form the window to alert rescuers, but make sure the window is closed as the fresh air will feed the fire.

Second floor escape then call help

It is usually safer to wait to be rescued, but if you need to escape from a second floor window use an iHudyat escape ladder or other means to escape. Look for a ledge and hang down from the window ledge to limit the drop. If exiting from a second floor window always face the building.

What to do once you exit your home

House_on_fire1Keep a safe distance from the house

Have a prearranged meeting spot at a safe distance from the house and make sure everyone knows to meet there.

Do a headcount

If anybody is missing only reenter the building if it is safe to do so. Tell the fire brigade when they arrive if you think anyone is missing. Also, tell them if everyone is safe so they do not need to risk lives searching the building.

Call the fire brigade for help

Use your mobile phone/cellphone.

Check for injuries

Once help is on its way check yourself and family members for injuries and seek appropriate assistance.