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These systems, while not directly related to FDAS, work hand in hand with FDAS, they greatly boost your protection against fires by adding features that FDAS does not give.


PA system can be used to announce emergency when the event occurs.


Emergency Lights and Exit signs give illumination and paths towards the emergency exits when the power is cut off.


These systems should not be overlooked as maximizing protection is the best thing you can do against fires and other emergencies.

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PA System

PA systems are used to cover a wide area to deliver a specific messages or instructions to many people in an instant. Mainly used in Large Buildings or Wide Areas like a School Campus, Installation of such devices is important especially when delivering important messages like emergency announcements.


PA systems can save lives by alerting people unaware of the dangers existing in an area.

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Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

In a state of emergency, these emergency lights and exit signs can show people the way to emergency exits. Loss of power happens during emergencies and that means losing most forms of illumination, Emergency Lights and Exits Signs activate during these moments and show paths and exits towards safety.


Installation of these devices are important in key locations for people to know where to go incase the power goes out. 

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