The iHudyat Conventional range is a conventional Fire Detection and Alarm System (FDAS) where detection devices are assigned zones so their location in a building can be easily determined.


The iHudyat Conventional range:

  • complies with EN standards
  • offers excellent value for money
  • is simple to install and maintain


The iHudyat Conventional Audiovisual Alarm allows notification to users of possible fire. 


Key Features:

  • Loud sound output of 100 dB at 1m 
  • Zero current load in quiescent condition
  • Connects to Output Module for use with iHudyat Addressable Panels

iHudyat Conventional Audiovisual Alarm

  • Wires

    2-wire / 4-wire

    Sound output

    100 dB at 1m




    DC 24V

    Quiescent current


    Alarm current