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Fire Hoses


iHudyat Inc has got everything you need to take care of your company’s fire safety

compliance requirements and will make sure that the service meets BFP standards.

High Quality and Affordable Products
Our standalone, conventional and addressable products are top of the line, backed by EN standards and it's all within your reach.

Your Safety is our Priority
When it comes to prioritizing your Safety, we come second to none 

Quick and Competitive Quotations
Easy to apply and free so contact us
now for your fire alarm needs.

Complete and Detailed
We report everything, from completion reports to maintenance reports, no stone is unturned when it comes to details. 

Smooth and Easy Installation
Construction and installation for your fire alarm needs will be quick, smooth and top notch with our services. Zero distractions as we'll work around your schedule.

Excellent Installation and Maintenance Services
We provide the highest quality of Maintenance and Installation services through our top-of-the-line testing equipment and professionalized services, handled by our engineers. 

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About this Service

Requirements that are needed to be met, iHudyat can handle. We can help with your establishment’s needs for fire detection and alarm systems. BFP requirements, NFPA 72 and other standards can be met through our services. Our customers will get not only quality services and products but also standards that are required by the Bureau of Fire Protection.

Firehouse Gear

Compliance Made Simple

 It's natural that our government places standards to keep quality up for safety and general reason. Everyone needs to follow these standards, iHudyat can help with these standards as we believe in good governance in the Philippines. If you are in need of assistance with accomplishing these requirements, iHudyat has got your back.

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Why Choose Us

iHudyat offers fast and reliable services in terms of installation and Top-Quality Maintenance for Preventive maintenance services. iHudyat cares for their clients whether big or small, Ihudyat will always give their best in performing the task they have been given to. Ihudyat gives complete reports for the services performed so that our dear clients will be able to see the performance. With us you are in good hands.


We only give our best when it comes to serving our clients and we would like them to remember that Your Safety is our Concern.  



This contains all the standards needed to properly install fire detection and alarm systems, proper distancing, height, type of detectors and other engineering related requirements.


 Other compliance may be required, depending on the location. 

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