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About the Company

Unbeatable Customer Service and Quality

iHudyat Inc is the Fire Protection Equipment Supplier you’ve been looking for in Quezon City. We believe in honest pricing and exceptional service and work hard to provide you with an incredible variety of products. Whether you’re looking to purchase one of our products or a hundred of them, we’re here to get the job done. Let us know how we can be of service and we’ll happily assist you in any way we can.

Your Safety Is Our Concern

We are committed to provide the best FDAS solutions and services to meet the needs of Filipinos, putting the safety of your family and colleagues first.


To do this we launched the first Filipino branded smoke alarm in 2014 and continue to redefine our fire safety offering to be world-beating. 

The Top Fire Safety Products Supplier and Service Provider

Our Commitment

The company is committed to educate the Filipino society about fire and home safety. We will use a part of our profit to make sure that Filipinos will be aware of the importance of fire and home safety. 


We make sure that our products are manufactured to the highest quality levels and confidently offer a warranty to our customers.

With that in mind, our company is led by the best minds in the business - fire safety experts from the United Kingdom. These individuals have trained our people in the latest technical knowledge in the field and our industry's best practices. Our staff are 100% committed in providing the best service for your specific needs. 

Our Promise

The company’s slogan “Your safety is our concern” is a testament to our commitment to educate society on the significance of understanding and using home safety products and their role in avoiding deaths through accidents.
In this way we believe our iHudyat Inc.’s activities are aligned with the Bureau of Fire Protection’s goals and mission to the benefit of all Filipinos. As the office is founded in a community where there are people in need, the company will help reach out to the members of the community and give them an opportunity to share in the company’s success.

Our Vision

By 2025, iHudyat products are present in 25% of Filipino homes. It is an established Philippine brand name associated with safety.
Our initial goal is to educate Filipinos on the importance and benefit of fire safety and the patronage of the company’s product line.
The company’s products are home and fire safety devices such as fire alarms, FDAS and intruder alarms.

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