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iHudyat Inc: Steps in saving lives and protecting property from fire

Every day, a fire can break out at an office when electrical wires spark a flame, or at a laundry facility when lint ignites in a duct, or in a school cafeteria when grease ignites over a commercial cooking appliance.

The actual test of your building’s fire safety plan is based on how well you’ve equipped your facility or campus with equipment and devices and the way individuals respond to these emergencies.

iHudyat Inc. has put together these Simple steps to Fire Safety – a Fire Safety Plan that will increase your chances of saving lives and protecting property in your building or facility.

  • Assess your building

Every working space, every piece of equipment used, and all individuals, including children and the elderly, must be considered when it comes to fire safety. A fire safety plan should address a variety of fire situations that may occur in a facility. For example, a hotel's commercial kitchen will have a specific Life Safety Plan to combat a cooking fire rather than a wastebasket fire that may occur in a guest room.

  • Having Fire Extinguisher

According to statistics, a portable fire extinguisher eliminates a fire 94% of the

time. When a fire is put out quickly, it reduces the number of deaths, injuries, and

property loss. A fire extinguisher, on the other hand, should only be used after the

fire department has been contacted and everyone is sae.

  • Fire Suppression System

Fire suppression systems give immediate, on-site protection during the early

stages of a fire. Because fire suppression systems operate automatically, they are

risk-free for all personnel and do not require human intervention. They can,

however, be manually activated in an emergency.

  • Work with Fire Safety Experts for Installing Fire Safety Devices

Having fire safety professionals assess your business and identify concerns

specific to your property is one of the greatest and safest things you can do. A

team member will visit with you for a tour, identify areas that require

improvement and assist you in placing those ideas into reality. It effectively and efficiently reduces the risk of fires.

With iHudyat Inc, we can offer all the services from FDAS Installation, Preventive

Maintenance, and Fire Suppression. We also have products like Standalone Alarms, Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarms and Auxiliary that you need to keep your business in compliance with current requirements.

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