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Fire Protection and Prevention from iHudyat Inc

iHudyat Inc is committed to securing what is most important. Fire prevention is an important aspect of fire protection that is frequently disregarded.

In order to develop a comprehensive strategy for the fire safety of your building, it is important to know the difference between fire protection and fire prevention.

The steps you take outside the scope of your fire protection systems to lessen the chance of a fire starting are commonly referred to as fire prevention. The protection is for when a fire emergency happens, whereas the prevention actually takes place before a fire occurs. While there are plenty of ways to implement fire protection in the workplace, we've compiled a list of some of the most typical and important aspects.

What active fire protection systems do you need?


When there is smoke within the building, smoke alarms go triggered. These detectors usually use sound and light to warn building residents of a potential fire.  


Fire Extinguishers are active fire defense devices that must be manually operated. These help the building residents in putting out small flames.


A fire detection and alarm system (FDAS) give both visual and audio warnings as a result of manual or automatic fire alarm initiating devices such as a manual fire alarm, smoke detector, heat detector, or from any other safety device like a fire sprinkler system.


When the sprinkler head opens due to fire heat, these systems are activated. Sprinkler systems are active fire protection systems that immediately go on to fight the fire while building occupants evacuate for safety.

Maintain and Service Your Fire Safety Equipment.

Testing and Inspection

iHudyat Inc believes that fire prevention systems are only as effective as the inspections done on them. During a fire and safety inspection of your business premises, the following primary systems need to be taken into consideration:

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Suppression Systems

  • Alarm & Detection Systems

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

Annual (or even more regular) inspections are an important aspect of fire prevention since all efforts to put out a fire are likely to fail if a system or part of the device fails.

Service and Repair

The next phase of learning about fire protection is servicing and repairing systems and equipment. The goal of fire prevention is to maintain code compliance and comply with all service and repair needs.

System Upgrades

Updating your systems regularly is a must for fire protection. There are many parts that move and issues in fire protection systems. Don't worry; in most cases, replacing the complete system is not necessary when a single component fails. There are some parts that might need to be developed with older systems to increase your interconnectivity, even though replacing one item doesn't necessarily mean replacing the entire system.

When it comes to fire safety for your commercial property, fire prevention is the first step.

Understanding your unique business needs is exactly what we do here at iHudyat Inc. We provide the highest quality of Maintenance and Installation services through our top-of-the-line testing equipment and professionalized services, handled by our Engineers.

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