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The iHudyat Addressable range is an advanced Fire Detection and Alarm System (FDAS) where each detection device is assigned an address so the location in a building can be pinpointed.


The iHudyat Addressable range:

  • complies with European (EN) standards
  • is suitable for modern high-rise buildings
  • offers advanced & flexible functionality 


The iHudyat Addressable Panel controls the alarm system, allowing configuration of devices and showing system status.


Key Features:

  • LED display of device address and status
  • Optional manual activation of alarm devices
  • Supports up to 125 devices per loop
  • 3000 event history log


iHudyat Addressable Panel

  • Addresses per loop






    Power supply

    AC 230V

    Backup battery (not included)

    2 x DC 12V

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