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Fire Suppression

 This is a form of Fire Protection which attempts to control or fully extinguish fires when it occurs. Fire Suppression comes in different forms for different applications, one of the common types of Suppression is the Sprinkler System, always filled with water they can be activated by an element that is sensitive to heat. The system automatically activates once the heat reaches the heat-sensitive element, breaking the element and allowing water to flow in. They can also be in the form of a wet standpipe which can be connected by a hose and used by the fire brigade or in a fire hose cabinet. Extinguishers are also one of the forms of Fire Suppression, can be used for smaller forms of fire, it can prevent small fires from becoming bigger and more uncontrollable, also used if a person finds the fire earlier than the Fire sprinklers. 


Affordable and Reliable
Our Fire Suppression System can extinguish flames that can save lives and property, all for an affordable price.

Quick and Competitive Quotations
Easy to apply and free so contact us
now for your fire suppression needs.

Smooth and Easy Installation
Construction and installation for your fire suppression needs will be quick, smooth and top notch with our services. Zero distractions as we'll work around your schedule.

Your Safety is our Priority
When it comes to prioritizing your Safety, we come second to none 

Complete and Detailed
We report everything, from completion reports to maintenance reports, no stone is unturned when it comes to details. 

Excellent Installation and Maintenance Services
We provide the highest quality of Maintenance and Installation services through our top-of-the-line testing equipment and professionalized services, handled by our engineers. 

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About this Service

Fire Suppression should never be overlooked, whether it is required or not, it can save not only lives but also property. If a fire is doused or at least controlled where the fire brigade can fully extinguish it, it prevents the loss of life in case of an emergency and further damages to a property can be prevented. Important lives are saved and the cost of rebuilding and starting again is reduced by a huge amount if a fire is controlled. 


Fire Suppression Made Simple

When there’s a fire, fire suppression is one of your protections, always have a form to extinguish fires in your area, it saves lives and saves property. 

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Why Choose Us

iHudyat offers fast and reliable services in terms of installation and Top-Quality Maintenance for Preventive maintenance services. iHudyat cares for their clients whether big or small, iHudyat will always give their best in performing the task they have been given to. iHudyat gives complete reports for the services performed so that our dear clients will be able to see the performance. With us you are in good hands 


We only give our best when it comes to serving our clients and we would like them to remember that Your Safety is our Concern. 

Signing Contract

Legal Obligation

According to the Fire Code of the Philippines, Testing and commissioning of fire protective and warning system of the building shall be conducted by the installer/contractor during inspection to be witnessed by the FSI. iHudyat will handle your legal obligations for testing and commissioning as we want to ensure your safety as well as your compliance with the government.


Never skip safety as not only will your lives be safe but also your assets. So what are you waiting for? iHudyat is here to help. 

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