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Auxiliary Fire Alarm System

These systems, while not directly related to FDAS, work hand in hand with FDAS, they greatly boost your protection against fires by adding features that FDAS does not give.

PA system can be used to announce an emergency when the event occurs.

Emergency Lights and Exit signs give illumination and paths towards the emergency exits when the power is cut off.

These systems should not be overlooked as maximizing protection is the best thing you can do against fires and other emergencies.

Auxiliary Fire Protection Equipment

  • Fire Doors - Fire doors serve as barriers to restrict the spread of fire and smoke. Unless held open by automated systems, fire doors shall be kept closed always and must never be propped open. Fire doors are placed usually in stairwells, hallways, or everywhere else required by the fire code. Not all doors are considered fire doors. If a door has an EXIT sign above or close to it, it might be a fire door.

  • Exit Signage - Exit signs are present to identify paths to securely evacuate a building in case of fire. Exits are required to be lighted. Occupants are recommended to become familiar with the locations of exits of their respective homes or building through which they routinely visit.

  • Emergency Lighting - In case of fire or while a building experiences a loss of electricity, activation of the building's emergency lights occurs. These lightings are prepared with batteries as a backup power source.

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