Fire cases in the United Kingdom, the health and safety capital of the world, are very low. This is because smoke alarms are installed in almost all residential homesOur company is led by people from the United Kingdom. They trained our staff about the importance of fire safety products. The staff are committed to provide information about our products and fire safety in general.

Our advantage over our competitors

  • Branded product – it is a Filipino brand and we can provide warranty. 
  • We are a company with product knowledge about smoke detectors and alarms.
  • Our product is based on market survey needs of Filipino consumers.
  • Good quality and cheaper than other brand.
  • Our company is reliable and we care about our customers. Your safety is our concern. Just email us or call us and we will make sure that someone will get back to you.

Why choose our product?fireman-38083__180

  • Meets European standards and chosen by our business partners from the United Kingdom 
  • Affordable price
  • Free battery and fixing
  • We will replace faulty products within the warranty period without any product cost
  • Easy to install and easy to test
  • Unique functions e.g. light and low battery warning 

What is the company’s commitment?

  • The company is committed to educate the Filipino society about fire and home safety.
  • We will use a part of our profit to make sure that Filipinos will be aware of the importance of fire and home safety. 
  • We make sure that our products are manufactured to meet EN 14604. This is the European standard for smoke alarms.

Mission of the Company

The company’s slogan “your safety is our concern” is a testament to our commitment to educate society on the significance of understanding and using home safety products and their role in avoiding deaths through accidents. As the office is founded in a community where there are people in need, the company will help reach out to the members of the community and give them an opportunity to become part of a small scale safety products manufacturing. 

Vision by 2025iHudyat Banner

By 2025, iHudyat Safety Products are present in every Filipino home. It is an established Philippine brand name associated with safety.
Our initial goal is to educate Filipinos on the importance and benefit of fire safety and the patronage of the company’s product line.
The company’s products are home and personal safety devices such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and intruder alarms.