iHudyat Fire Safety Brochure

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Plan your family’s escape plan

Plan in advance how to escape each room in the event of a fire. Look for at least two escape routes from each room. Note down the plan and make sure all family members are aware of it. 

Practice your family’s escape plan

Practice the escape plan at least twice a year to make sure you are familiar with it and could remember it in case of fire. Imitate the possible conditions of a real fire by practicing in the dark and crawling as if in a smoke-filled room. 

Prepare your home in case of fire

Install iHudyat smoke alarms in every room and regularly test they work and have sufficient battery power. Replace smoke alarms every 5 years. Make sure windows and doors can be opened and if you have safety bars that there is an emergency release feature. All family members should know how to open the windows. 

Precautions to prevent fire starting

Do not leave any flame unattended, whether cooking gas in the kitchen or a candle. Do not smoke in the house and make sure any cigarettes are completely extinguished. Dispose of any electronics with damaged wiring, which could cause fire.

Don’t let the following fire incidents below happen to you