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Sa pag iwas sa sunog, hindi ka nag-iisa!

Fire incidents in the Philippines are high in March. During this fire prevention month, iHudyat Inc is one with the BFP in reminding everyone to keep safe. Our goal during the fire prevention month is to educate and raise public awareness.


Your safety is our concern!


March 1, 2021 starting 6'oclock in the morning ay nagkaroon ng sabayang pagpapa tunog ng mga busina (blowing of horns) ang mga fire volunteer sa kani-kanilang truck para gisingin ang mga tao to remind them about the Fire Prevention Month Campaign.

In the photo: Fire Prevention Month kicked off with a motorcade in Ilocos Norte on Monday (March 1, 2021). The Bureau of Fire Protection reminds the public to be aware of fire safety and prevention especially during summer months. (Photo courtesy of BFP San Nicolas)

Fire Prevention Month is the perfect time for you and your family to talk about fire safety and to make an escape plan.

Check out this fire prevention tips to keep your home safe.

(BFP) Top causes of fire: Napabayaang pagluluto, kandila at electrical wirings.

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