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Fire Safety Requirements

Fire Safety

More deaths occur in residential fires than in any other type of fire in the Philippines.  The residential halls should provide fire safety devices, protocols, guidelines, and requirements for your protection. Residents must observe all fire safety rules.

The information provided below will explain the safety equipment, lay out the regulations and expectations that will stop fires, and assist you in safely evacuating the building in the event of a fire.

What to do if there is a fire

  • Call the nearby fire station if you find a fire.

  • Keep yourself between the fire and the exit at all times when using an extinguisher.

  • If the fire spreads very far, immediately secure your door and leave your house. To prevent hurting your feet during the evacuation, wear shoes.

  • Keep low or crawl when faced with heat or smoke to prevent breathing hazardous vapors in.

  • Feel your room door to check if it is hot before opening it when the fire alarm goes off.

  • Keep your door closed and open a window until help arrives if the door feels hot or smoke prevents escape.

  • Don't go back inside the facility.

Fire Prevention

Since so many lives might be put in danger by accidents or reckless behavior, fire prevention is crucial in a big community environment. The requirements for fire safety are stated in the list below so that you and your neighborhood can stay safe.

Fire Safety Equipment

  • Smoke Alarm

  • Fire Extinguisher.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarm is a fire-protection device that automatically detects and gives a warning of the presence of smoke.

The Bureau of Fire Protection recommends smoke alarms be installed in every home. Combining detection and alarm functions in a standalone package, a smoke alarm provides early warning of fire.

iHudyat's Standalone Smoke Alarm

  • Easy to install.

  • Light flash alarm indicator.

  • 85 DB sound alarm.

  • 9V Battery

  • Low Battery audio warning

  • Certified Filipino Brand.

  • Tested against EN 14064 standard.

  • 3 years warranty.

  • Meets European Standards




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