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Importance of Preventive Maintenance on your Fire Alarm System

Keeping your fire maintenance system in a proper condition is some other essential responsibility. After all, there is not a lot of use in having the system if it doesn’t work when needed most. It’s not sufficient to effortlessly have the system on-site.

Why is regular maintenance necessary?

It has Limited life

Almost all fire suppression and alert systems, from extinguishers to sprinklers and FIPs, have components that need to be checked and periodically changed or serviced


Without maintenance, probably life-saving systems may be in disrepair or fail at a crucial moment.


For all of the requirements needed for the maintenance and cleansing of fire detection and device, particularly for inspections.

Duty of care

Managers, landlords, and constructing managers have a duty of care over personnel and visitors. But fire protection is moreover a shared responsibility. It influences all people who set foot on the premises.

These are the Important Benefits of a Properly Operated Preventive Maintenance Program:

  • Equipment downtime is reduced and additionally the range of essential repairs is reduced.

  • Better conservation of property and multiplied lifespan of property, thereby disposing of untimely alternative of equipment and system.

  • Reduced additional time prices and extra cost-effective use of maintenance employees due to performing on a scheduled basis instead of a crash basis to restore breakdowns.

  • Timely, routine maintenance sidesteps fewer large-scale maintenance.

  • Improved protection and great conditions for everybody.

  • Applying regular preventive maintenance to your FDAS might suggest you are compliant with the requirements of the NFPA 72

If you need help with regular maintenance or with any further questions about your fire safety equipment, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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