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iHudyat Inc - Standalone Smoke Alarm

Smoke detectors are important for home fire safety. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) notes that almost 60 percent of fire deaths occur in houses without smoke detectors. As important as those kinds of devices are, the use of an old smoke detector is simply as terrible as not having one at all. Smoke detectors have a life span of about 8 to 10 years. At that point, you must not forget to change the device due to the fact the unit will become much less and less sensitive to smoke. The NFPA recommends replacing residential smoke detectors every ten years. There are also different factors that could necessitate a replacement.

How to tell if your Smoke Alarm should be replaced

Nothing lasts forever, not even your smoke detector. At a certain point, you must buy a replacement. In many cases, age is the determining factor. That is because the device ages turn much less sensitive, and is not able to locate smoke before it’s too late. You might not even realize your device is not operating properly. It may also appear like fine. Generally, you must replace your smoke detector with the use of the following criteria,

  • The device is ten years or older. The manufacture date is usually imprinted on the device, and in a few instances, the expiration date too.

  • Your smoke detector alarms or chirps for no reason (take a look at the owner’s guide or instructions imprinted on the device)

  • The expiration date or manufacture date is not on your device.

Proper Installation and Use of Smoke Detectors

The age of your smoke detector isn’t the only limiting factor. Improper use or set up of smoke detectors can restrict the ability of the device to function properly. Here are a few simple setup and operation tips:

  • Smoke detectors must not be mounted in cooking areas, in or adjacent to bathrooms, close to home windows of heating diffusers

  • Smoke detectors should be installed in every sleeping area of the home and on every level

  • Batteries must be modified semi-annually. A right reminder is to change your batteries while you change your clocks

  • Make sure you know the expiration date or date of manufacture

  • Clean any dirt or cobwebs from the smoke detector

Get iHudyat Inc Standalone

Photoelectric Smoke Detector and Alarm

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