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How often must you check your Smoke Alarm

Nothing is more important than the safety of our family in our home and our employees in our workplaces. Smoke alarms give us early warning when there is smoke or fire. To ensure that your device is doing its work properly, you have to do some maintenance activities on it. But how often must you check your Smoke Alarm?

Why do you need to check your Smoke Alarms?

Electronic devices are not secure. Batteries will drain, collect dirt and dust which can affect their performance. Smoke Alarm can become dirty and corroded, that is why you need to regularly check them.

  • Battery Operated Smoke Alarm

This kind of Smoke Alarm can easily have worn-out batteries and need to check

at least once a year. It is much better if you will check and test if it still doing

its work properly, or you can always call our experts at iHudyat Inc for

professional inspections.


Smoke Alarms are usually dependable, but they can also malfunction at some point. If your device starts to beep with low-power sounds, it is a sign that you need to change the battery immediately. If the alarm sound while you are cooking, you may want to move your smoke a bit farther away from the kitchen. False alarm is the reason why it is not advisable to place a Smoke Alarm in or near your kitchens.



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