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Fire Prevention this Christmas Season

Every year in the Philippines when September starts, we mark it as the start of the countdown to Christmas. The countdown from September to December is also known as the "ber months"

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, however, the risk doesn’t pick a season. Amid the festive decorations and the intricate setups.

Here are the two most common Christmas decors that might

endanger your loved ones if not used properly.

Christmas lights

This is commonly the first factor that involves thoughts while you speak about fires throughout Christmas. If the lights are harmful in quality, they'll cause short circuits and electric fires. They can be chewing and strangling risks to pets and little children.

Stay secure by buying and using licensed Christmas lights. Choose ones that undergo an Import Commodity Clearance sticker or the Philippine Standard mark to ensure the lights have been screened through the Department of Trade and Industry. Also, ensure that you don't overload your electric circuits with too many lights.

Lastly, dangle Christmas lights above the reach of curious arms and paws.


Although candles might appear romantic for their old-school charm, additionally they pose more hazards as they endure the fire. When lighting candles throughout Christmas prayers and different activities, ensure the fire is not left unattended. Keep those far away from fabrics, natural materials, and different materials that would effortlessly capture fire.

A better alternative might be to use electric-powered candles or battery-operated ones instead. They appear to be the actual thing, however, they’re more secure and reusable

When protecting your family, the first step is to be prepared.

A smoke alarm is your first line of protection in case of a house fire by providing your family an early alert, giving them time to escape harmlessly. Here at iHudyat, we provide reliable protection you can trust to help protect what matters most.


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