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10 Fire Safety Rule from iHudyat Inc

1. Avoid playing with lighters and matches. Avoid touching any matches or lighters that are within your reach. Inform an adult right away.

2. Insist that your parents will put smoke detectors in your home's bedrooms and on each floor. Smoke detectors are life-saving devices. Request directions from your parents for each location.

3. Tell your parents to test the smoke detectors in your home once a month. Make sure that everyone in your family gets familiar with its sharp sound. Teach children to run away as soon as they hear this sound since it signals danger.

4. Ask your parents to replace the batteries in your smoke alarms when they adjust the time on your clocks for Daylight Savings. Your smoke alarm will remain active, and keep an eye out for fire while you're sleeping.

5. In case of fire: DON'T HIDE, GO OUTSIDE! Fires are scary, but you should NEVER hide in closets or under beds when there is a fire.

6. To escape during a fire; Fall & Crawl. It is easier to breathe in a fire if you stay low while getting out. Use the back of your hand to test if a door is hot before you open it. If it is hot, try to find another way out.

7. If your clothes are on fire; Stop, Drop, and Roll until the fire is out. Shout for help, but don't run. Running makes fire burn faster.

8. Have an escape plan and practice it with your family. Find two ways out of every room in case one way is blocked by fire or smoke. Practice escaping by both routes to be sure windows are not stuck and screens can be taken out quickly.

9. Choose a meeting place outside, such as a big tree or the end of the driveway, so you will know that everyone has gotten out safely. NEVER go back into a burning building for any reason. If someone is missing, tell the firefighters. They have the clothing and equipment to rescue people safely.

10. Know your local emergency number. Put stickers and magnets with emergency numbers on your refrigerator and every telephone in the house. If there is a fire at your home, choose one family member to leave your meeting place and call the fire department from a neighbor's phone.

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