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Ways to protect your business from fire with iHudyat Inc

A fire at your place of business could be fatal for your company. Your building, products, materials, important business documents, and computer files could all be lost in a devastating fire. In the worst scenario, a fire could result in an employee or customer being hurt or killed. Even little fires might cause enough damage to compromise your company's operations or severely hurt your profits. It's necessary to carefully consider the importance of fire safety, prevention, and suppression in order to protect your company from fire. 

  • Work with Fire Safety Experts for Installing Fire Safety Devices - Having fire safety professionals assess your business and identify concerns specific to your property is one of the greatest and safest things you can do. A team member will visit with you for a tour, identify areas that require improvement and assist you in placing those ideas into reality. It effectively and efficiently reduces the risk of fires.With iHudyat Inc we can offer all the services (FDAS Installation, Preventive Maintenance, Fire Suppression) and products (Standalone Alarms, Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarms, Auxiliary) you need to keep your business in compliance with current requirements.

  • Keep a clean working area - All work areas should be kept tidy to avoid blocking exits in the case of fire.  Avoid placing boxes or other bulky furniture close to exits. Maintaining clear paths reduces dangers and provides your employees with an easier exit if there is smoke in the air. Equipment that can accumulate dust, dirt, chemicals, or other fire dangers is another area that needs to be cleaned. 

  • Be Cautious with Electrical Equipment - Identify and lessen risks connected with electrical equipment by using the correct outlets, switches, wiring, connectors, circuit breakers, junction boxes, plug adapters, and other equipment in your facility. Utilize extension cords, power strips, and other wiring that is properly grounded, insulated, and capable of supporting the loads you place on it. Be sure power strips are UL certified. Never "daisy chain" or connect several extension cords or power strips simultaneously.

Don’t put your business and people at risk.

For 9 years, iHudyat Inc has been performing fire safety services for corporate clients, government clients, and residential and commercial buildings across the country.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our Products and Services.

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