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iHudyat Inc's top-of-the-line Products and Services

Serbisyong sigurado! We pride ourselves on our high-quality products and high-standard services. Let our professional team provide you with top-notch service at a price you can afford. Our fire safety Engineers and Technical Officers are ready to help!

  • High Quality and Affordable Products

Our FDAS addressable, conventional, and fire suppression systems and stand-

alone smoke alarm products are top of the line, backed by EN or UL standards

and it's all within your reach.

  • Quick and Competitive Quotation

Easy to apply and free so contact us now for your fire alarm needs. We will meet

your safety design needs.

  • Smooth and Easy Installation

Installation for your fire alarm safety needs will be high quality, quick, smooth, and

reliable. We are flexible! Zero distractions as we'll work around your schedule.

  • Your Safety is our Priority

When it comes to prioritizing your safety, we come second to none.

  • Complete and Detailed

We provide a comprehensive report: from completion reports to maintenance

reports, and certifications, you require it, we will do our best to provide what you


  • Excellent Installation and Maintenance Services

We provide the highest quality of Maintenance and Installation Services through

our top-of-the-line testing and preventative equipment and professionalized

services, handled by our engineers.


✓ FDAS Installation

✓ Preventive Maintenance

✓ Fire Suppression

✓ Automatic Fire Suppression System

✓ CCTV Installation


✓ Standalone Smoke Alarm

✓ Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarm System

✓ Fire Extinguisher

✓ Other Products (Exit signs, Emergency Lights, etc.)

Why should you choose iHudyat Inc for your Fire Safety Requirements?

iHudyat offers fast and reliable services in terms of Installation and Top-Quality Maintenance for Preventative services. iHudyat cares for our clients whether big or small. At iHudyat, we will always give our best in performing the job. Our report is guaranteed to meet standards. With us, you are in good hands.

We only give our best when it comes to serving our clients and we would like you to remember that in iHudyat 'Your Safety is our Concern'

✓ Guaranteed Satisfaction

✓ Guaranteed Precision

✓ Guaranteed Quality

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