Where to locate smoke alarms

This product is only suited to single-occupancy dwellings of three floors or fewer. For more information seek manufacturer’s advice.

Smoke alarms should be fitted near each sleeping area, in the bedroom itself and in the hallway outside. One smoke alarm gives your home a minimum protection. Installing more smoke alarms provides better protection. Smoke alarms should not be located in kitchens, bathrooms or garages, where normal activities may cause false alarms. Smoke alarms should not be located near air vents or heating vents, as these may stop smoke reaching the alarm.

Install the fire alarm in the middle of the ceiling. If you cannot install in the middle of the ceiling place on the ceiling at least 10cm from the wall, or on the wall at least 15cm from the ceiling. When the wall or ceiling is slanting install at least 1 m below the highest point of the wall or ceiling. Large rooms over 10m in length may require more than one smoke alarm.

Fireman iconIMPORTANT NOTICE:  The Fire Protection Bureau suggests smoke alarms be installed in every home for safety consideration.One smoke alarm gives your home extra protection. Smoke alarms in each room give your home extra protection. In buildings with no smoke alarm systems that are being used as a residential, the Fire Protection Bureau suggests installing stand-alone smoke alarms in each room. In hotels and dormitories, the Bureau recommends smoke alarms are installed in each room occupied by guests and tenants.

Easy to install: do it yourself, no need for a technician

Where_to_install1Turn the alarm body counter-clockwise and take off the bottom plate
Press the bottom plate onto the wall or ceiling where it will be installed, mark the holes of the plate with pencil.
Remove the plate and bore two holes with an electric drill where marked with pencil.
Sink the plastic wall plugs into the holes with hammer.
Press the bottom plate onto the wall or ceiling in the same position as before, insert the screws through the holes in the plate and into the wall plugs, tighten the screws.
Connect the battery to the terminals inside the smoke alarm and insert the battery into the battery box.
Attach the alarm body to the bottom plate by turning clockwise until it clicks in place.

WARNING: To avoid injury or malfunction the smoke alarm should be securely attached to the wall or ceiling in accordance with the above instructions.