HYS001 Stand-alone Smoke Alarm

HYS001 Smoke AlarmProduct Code: HYS001

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  • Affordable price
  • 3 Years Warranty.Photoelectric smoke detector and alarm
  • Tested against EN 14064 standards
  • Test button for recommended weekly check
  • Loud alarm (85d8)
  • Light flash alarm indicator
  • Low battery audio warning
  • Includes 9V battery
  • Includes fixings


Do not attempt repair of this smoke alarm. Test regularly according to the instructions above. Clean around and within the smoke alarm using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or insects that could affect the smoke alarm’s correct operation. If the battery is low the smoke alarm will beep intermittently. The smoke alarm will not work without adequate battery power. If you hear the low battery warning please replace the battery immediately.

Limitations of Smoke Alarms

WARNING: This smoke alarm is not meant to be used in non-residential buildings. Warehouses, industrial or commercial buildings, and special purpose non-residential buildings require special fire detection and alarm systems. This smoke alarm alone is not a suitable substitute for complete fire detection systems for places where many people live or work, such as hotels or motels. The same is true of dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes or group homes of any kind, even if they were once single family homes.

A smoke alarm does not work without power, so you should attend to any low battery warning promptly as well as testing regularly using the test button.

A smoke alarm only works if smoke reaches it (this may be prevented by closed doors in your house, incorrect installation of the smoke alarm or insufficient cleaning of the smoke alarm).

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Download the Product Manual

iHudyat Inc Smoke Alarm HYS001 Owner’s Manual

Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm

The company’s premium HYS002W Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm is a battery-powered photoelectric smoke detector and alarm that can be interconnected for improved safety benefits:

  • Wirelessly interconnect up to 20 units within 50 meters 3 years warranty
  • Tested against EN 14604 standards
  • Test button for recommended weekly check
  • Loud alarm (85dB)
  • Light flash alarm indicator